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Oriental Rug Event

May 8–11, 2014

Dunia Marketplace, Boise, ID

Join Us…

…for our Annual Oriental Rug Event, featuring over 300 handknotted rugs all made by fairly paid adults, from 2'x3's to 10'x14's. Since our store is not large enough to carry these rugs year round, we host this special event once a year to bring these high quality, fairly traded handknotted rugs to our community from the Bunyaad Rug Room at Ten Thousand Villages, Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

It's an event not to miss as these fairly traded rugs represent a win-win situation for all.

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Rug Event Location
First Presbyterian Church
950 West State St
Boise, Idaho 83702
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Rug Event Hours
Th 10–8, Fri 10–8
Sat 10– 8, Sun 10–2

Rug Introduction
Thursday, May 8
7 p.m.

Rug Event Host
Dunia Marketplace
Historic Hyde Park
1609 North 13th St
Boise, ID 83702

Fair Trade Difference

Here at Dunia Marketplace we believe in a global economy that is sustainable and fair to everyone involved. This means providing well-made, quality products for our customers and a fair, sustainable income for our artisans. When you purchase a rug created through our artisan group Bunyaad, you not only acquire a beautiful piece of functional art, you also support lives, culture and education in Pakistan.

rug artisan at loom

Introduction to Oriental Rug Evening
Thursday, May 8 at 7 p.m.

Measuring Rug Knot Count

Spend an evening learning more about how Oriental rugs are made, from dyeing the wool to tying the fringes and hear how fair trade works to produce high quality while still offering competitive prices for the North American consumer.

Please RSVP, if you plan to attend:
call 208-333-0535 or email

Prepare For The Rug Event

  • When you visit our rug event, bring swatches of materials and upholstery, paint chips and pillows to help you choose a rug that will blend with your decor.
  • Measure your room as well as the area you would want your rug to cover. Large rugs are impressive while smaller rugs can be more versatile. Be flexible in sizing and you will increase the number of rugs to choose from.
  • Remember that an Oriental rug will last for generations, while your furniture, upholstery and home will change.
  • Consider rugs that speak to you, rather than one that simply matches its surroundings. Be open to taking rugs home on approval, keeping in mind the rug you finally choose may not be the rug you first selected.
Room with rug

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