Bunyaad supports over ten schools in several different Pakistani villages.

These girls have dreams.

Many children who live in the villages, especially young girls, do not have easy access to school. Sometimes the distance to the school is so great, parents do not feel comfortable letting their young girls walk to school. Bunyaad has built schools to reach such students. One example is Girls High School, located in the village of Darianwala. When this school opened in 1977, there were only 35 students in grades one to five. Today more than 800 girls attend the school from grades one to twelve. These girls have dreams of becoming teachers, doctors and other professionals; dreams that are now possible to achieve due to the schooling they are receiving.

Both Muslim and Christian students attend these schools. As these children go to school together and learn to know each other from a young age, commonalities are learned in spite of religious differences. This is yet another way that Bunyaad works for peace in both Pakistan and the world.

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