Three ways to get your significant other to like the same rug


We need to pick a rug for our house but how do I get my significant other to like the same rug I like?

Ahhhhh, yes this can be a challenge and no, none of us are councilors. We do not encourage arm wrestling as a decision making process on the sales floor. We have noticed a few shopping techniques.

Are you the Scout, the Negotiator or “Whatever you Like is fine with me” shopper?

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What to choose? Intricate patterns or simple lines?

Patterns on rug, fabric

Imagine this scenario: You come into the Rug Room looking for a plain colored rug. Why?

Well, your couch has a pattern, your love seat has a slightly different pattern, the armchair is in a contrasting color and the wallpaper and curtains all bring their own unique challenges to the design table. Too many patterns you think. The only solution to this seems to be a plain colored rug with as little pattern as possible.

In the Rug Room we see this scenario many times and help our customers combine the patterns in their home with a Bunyaad rug that also offers a variety of colors and patterns. Let us show you how.

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Cooking in Pakistan: Masala Tinday

Cooking in season is nothing new for people in Pakistan. Instead, it’s a way of life.

Tinday Masala

Now, that’s not to say that the fast food giants and processed foods aren’t creeping into the Pakistani diet at an alarming rate. They are but for the most part, most families still are preparing meals using what’s being harvested within 100 miles of their home.

On a recent trip to Pakistan I watched my mother-in-law Fazeelat carefully carving out the inside of what is called a tinda squash here in Lahore. A tinda squash is actually a small, green gourd that’s in season in May and June. They look somewhat like a green apple, with soft fuzzy hairs on the green rind and white flesh inside. They grow on four to five foot vines and are ready for harvest in 70 days. They are also called Indian round gourds, apple gourds or Indian baby pumpkins.

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Two kids, two dogs, two styles of rugs

A Chobi welcomes you to the home of Liz and Scott.

Two friendly bulldogs were my welcoming committee and my first indicator that all of the Bunyaad rugs in the home of Liz and Scott were not just on display but on the floor to be used. That, I have to say, is the best recommendation we can ever receive. Liz mentioned several times during my visit that they kept coming back for more Bunyaad rugs because they knew that the rugs could easily handle their active family life.

Design elements that bring the world together

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Nothing Like A Fresh Mango

It’s mango season here in Pakistan and there is nothing like a fresh mango. And nothing like a fresh mango lassi.

Fruit seller cart

Lassis are made with fresh yogurt, milk and mango. Sweet from the fruit and full of probiotics from the yogurt, a mango lassi is the go-to drink to cool off in Pakistan’s hot summers. As the world’s fourth largest producer of mangos, Pakistan has no shortage of mangos when they are in season.

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