What to choose? Intricate patterns or simple lines?

Patterns on rug, fabric

Imagine this scenario: You come into the Rug Room looking for a plain colored rug. Why?

Well, your couch has a pattern, your love seat has a slightly different pattern, the armchair is in a contrasting color and the wallpaper and curtains all bring their own unique challenges to the design table. Too many patterns you think. The only solution to this seems to be a plain colored rug with as little pattern as possible.

Find key design elements

In the Rug Room we see this scenario many times and help our customers combine the patterns in their home with a Bunyaad rug that also offers a variety of colors and patterns. Let us show you how.

We start by looking at your fabric swatches, paint samples, floor samples and pictures of the room or anything else that you bring along to help us get a feel for the decor that already exists in your room. Then we take you through the piles to find the rug that compliments the key design elements.

patterns on rug & fabric

In most cases, you will not go home with a plain colored rug but come back absolutely amazed how a rug, made nearly 1/2 a world away by artisans who have never seen your room, could fit into your space so perfectly.

Our rugs are diverse.

Our rugs are diverse. They are filled with a range of hues and highlights that until you get them into your room you don’t see at first. But these highlights begin to play with the other colors in your room and help to pull everything together.

patterns on rug & fabric

Moral of the story

Take it home, try it out. If we had a penny for everyone that said “Wow, I never thought I’d get a rug to fit and now look at this!”, we would have quite a penny collection!

Shop online, visit one of our four year-round stores or come to a rug event near you. All of our rug reps will take the time to listen to your design challenges and help you find the rug that is just right for your home.

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