Two kids, two dogs, two styles of rugs

A Chobi welcomes you to the home of Liz and Scott.

Two friendly bulldogs were my welcoming committee and my first indicator that all of the Bunyaad rugs in the home of Liz and Scott were not just on display but on the floor to be used. That, I have to say, is the best recommendation we can ever receive. Liz mentioned several times during my visit that they kept coming back for more Bunyaad rugs because they knew that the rugs could easily handle their active family life.

Design elements that bring the world together

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A Rug Should Fit Your Home, Your Lifestyle


A rug should fit your home. A rug should fit your lifestyle. A rug should be easy to take care off. A rug should… Fill in the space for what you think a rug should do. These are all valid expectations when you are looking to find a rug for your home.

How will you know that a rug will fit?

We work with customers every day and guide them through the process of selecting a rug, sharing our knowledge and understanding of how a Bunyaad rug is made and able to withstand many years of active living. Our favorite stories to tell though are those we hear from our customers who own a Bunyaad rug. These stories best answer the questions above as they show how you can find a rug to fit your home and your lifestyle.

Rug Expectations? Yes. Rug Found? Oh Yes!

Wanessa, our accountant here at the Bunyaad Rug Room at Ten Thousand Villages in Ephrata, shares how she found the rug that answered all of her “a rug should” expectations.

We use our living room
all the time

“I’m in love with my rug and very happy to share with you!

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Natural Dye for Eggs and Rugs

The natural dye on the eggs goes well with this Persian rug.

Have you ever tried your hand at dyeing eggs with natural dyes?

Naturally dyeing eggs is truly a labor of love. It speaks to my instilled love for eating healthy. Collecting and prepping all the ingredients like onion peels, purple cabbage and chopped beets shows dedication. Allowing the eggs to simmer in their dye bath for 30 minutes or even overnight for truly stunning deep colors is worth the wait.

When I look at our naturally dyed Chobi Tribal rugs and our Kazak Tribals, I have a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into producing one of these rugs.

Naturally dyed chobi rugs are roughly 100 knots per square inch but take the same amount of production time as their Persian counterparts at over 500 knots per square inch.

The preparation for getting a Chobi on the loom is over half of the time needed for the rug’s production, where as it takes less than 10% of the total production time of a Persian to get it on the loom.

What takes so much time to get a Chobi on a loom?

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Delicious Meals on Gorgeous Rugs

Chobi in kitchen nook

Entertaining friends and family are a natural extension of Bruce and John’s lives.

Cooking delicious meals is just one aspect of their generous hospitality. From brunch in the kitchen nook with sunlight streaming through the windows to elaborate dinners in their more formal dining room—YOU get to ENJOY.

Meals are prepared in the kitchen while standing on long Tribal Chobi runners. Oh, did I say “standing on rugs while cooking”? I sure did, because this is the other aspect of life at the home of John and Bruce. You will find Bunyaad rugs in all areas of the home.

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Knot Brothers, The Movie

We talk a lot about how every knot in a Bunyaad rug is tied by hand but we were recently reminded that we don’t often talk about HOW every knot is tied.
Our rugs use primarily two types of knots: the Senna knot and the Turkish knot.

The Senna knot is an asymmetrical knot and is used in the majority of our rugs, from Persians to Chobi tribals. It is virtually formed with a figure 8 around two warp threads.

The Turkish knot is also tied around two warp threads but instead of a figure 8, it is a knot where both ends of the wool come out together instead of on either side of one warp thread, like the Senna knot.

Confused yet? Let us show you how these knots are tied, as only our staff can… with a little movie.

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