Modern Chic Meets Timeless Classics

Rugs at Parade of Homes

When designing our homes we want the overall effect to be a pleasing whole. The wallpaper shouldn’t fight with the sofa fabric, the styles of furniture shouldn’t compete with each other. You put time, energy and money into creating an authentic space that will be lived in by real people. YOU and your family!

Modern chic is relatively timeless as the basic design elements change only minimally and translate across decades. This is were Bunyaad rugs come in and add a timeless beauty and individuality that make your home personal and a most comfortable place to live in.

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Natural Dye for Eggs and Rugs

The natural dye on the eggs goes well with this Persian rug.

Have you ever tried your hand at dyeing eggs with natural dyes?

Naturally dyeing eggs is truly a labor of love. It speaks to my instilled love for eating healthy. Collecting and prepping all the ingredients like onion peels, purple cabbage and chopped beets shows dedication. Allowing the eggs to simmer in their dye bath for 30 minutes or even overnight for truly stunning deep colors is worth the wait.

When I look at our naturally dyed Chobi Tribal rugs and our Kazak Tribals, I have a new appreciation for the amount of work that goes into producing one of these rugs.

Naturally dyed chobi rugs are roughly 100 knots per square inch but take the same amount of production time as their Persian counterparts at over 500 knots per square inch.

The preparation for getting a Chobi on the loom is over half of the time needed for the rug’s production, where as it takes less than 10% of the total production time of a Persian to get it on the loom.

What takes so much time to get a Chobi on a loom?

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A Quilt and a Kazak Living in Perfect Harmony

When I walked into the home of Gill and Dave my eyes went straight to the quilt on the wall in the living room. I love symmetry and vibrant, yet harmonious color combinations and this quilt was a perfect example showcasing both. What made the quilt stand out even more though was the Tribal Kazak sitting almost underneath as part of a cozy sitting area.

As an artist, Gill is drawn to handmade, finely crafted products. Even before moving to the US many years ago she had discovered Bunyaad Rugs online and searched our extensive inventory for the perfect rug for her new home. She appreciates how much care is put into each rug and delights in exploring design details and how they will work with her furniture pieces and other art work.

As your eyes travel around the room…

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Knot Brothers, The Movie

We talk a lot about how every knot in a Bunyaad rug is tied by hand but we were recently reminded that we don’t often talk about HOW every knot is tied.
Our rugs use primarily two types of knots: the Senna knot and the Turkish knot.

The Senna knot is an asymmetrical knot and is used in the majority of our rugs, from Persians to Chobi tribals. It is virtually formed with a figure 8 around two warp threads.

The Turkish knot is also tied around two warp threads but instead of a figure 8, it is a knot where both ends of the wool come out together instead of on either side of one warp thread, like the Senna knot.

Confused yet? Let us show you how these knots are tied, as only our staff can… with a little movie.

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