Going Green with a Hand Knotted Rug

For many, going green means recycling, composting and mass transit. Now, hand knotted rugs want to declare themselves among that list.

Gabby loves to crawl on the rug. It's soft and warm.

Five quick reasons why hand knotted rugs can help you go green:

1. Buying a quality hand knotted carpet means it’s lasting you for generations. Literally. No filling the landfill with cheap throw-aways that never clean up nicely and show wear and tear in two seconds.

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A Rug Should Fit Your Home, Your Lifestyle


A rug should fit your home. A rug should fit your lifestyle. A rug should be easy to take care off. A rug should… Fill in the space for what you think a rug should do. These are all valid expectations when you are looking to find a rug for your home.

How will you know that a rug will fit?

We work with customers every day and guide them through the process of selecting a rug, sharing our knowledge and understanding of how a Bunyaad rug is made and able to withstand many years of active living. Our favorite stories to tell though are those we hear from our customers who own a Bunyaad rug. These stories best answer the questions above as they show how you can find a rug to fit your home and your lifestyle.

Rug Expectations? Yes. Rug Found? Oh Yes!

Wanessa, our accountant here at the Bunyaad Rug Room at Ten Thousand Villages in Ephrata, shares how she found the rug that answered all of her “a rug should” expectations.

We use our living room
all the time

“I’m in love with my rug and very happy to share with you!

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When a Pet Leaves a Gift


This is the classic Whodunit story and no one is willing to admit to having done the deed. I could tell you quite a few stories and can only imagine the stories you have to share.

Can you see the guilt written all over Katie, our black rescue cat? At least we think she might have been the one who gifted us.

The Deed is Done – Now What?

If your are the happy owner of a Bunyaad rug which is made with very high quality wool and you find a puddle on your rug, never fear. Follow these easy steps to clean up the mess:

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Top 3 Concerns of Many Rug Customers

Amir explains bunyaad rugs.When working in the rug room, we hear many of the same fears over and over again and yet by the time most folks leave, they have some peace of mind. Are these some of your concerns?

1. How will I ever decide from all of these rugs?

I think this is my all-time favorite concern. Folks walk up to the rug piles with their dimensions and fabric samples in hand, leave out a heavy sigh and proclaim they don’t know how they’ll ever narrow down their choices with so many rugs in our rug room to choose from.

Honestly, our rug piles can look daunting with over 25 different styles of rugs to choose from and sizes ranging from 2’x3′ to 10’x14′.

With each customer, we explain that as we look together we will go through all piles that are of interest to them, starting from the top and flipping down to the bottom of the pile. As we bring the rugs back down again, ones that are of interest will get rolled and laid on the floor for customers to compare side by side.

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