Persian round rugs
Welcome to the Bunyaad Rug Room where we are pleased to offer a large selection of hand-knotted, heirloom quality rugs made by fairly paid adults.

We believe in preserving
the rich cultural heritage
of hand-knotted rug-making.

We have been working with Bunyaad artisans in Pakistan since 1982 and we have a staff dedicated to educating customers about hand-knotted rugs and the fair trade difference—both in quality of life and quality of product.

We believe in preserving the rich cultural heritage of hand-knotted rug-making in all its myriad forms and styles. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, our rug artisan group includes over 850 families from over 100 villages involved in hand-knotted rug production.

Our Mission

Part of our mission is to provide vital and fair income to Pakistani rug artisans who otherwise would have very few sustainable outlets for their craft and artistry.

One tradition of rug production is the process of artisans making their own artistic and technical decisions. We believe in the inherent value of art for arts sake. And, just as we wouldn’t ask a painter to make 150 copies of the same painting, we also wouldn’t ask our artisans to knot 150 of the same rug.

Because of this unique approach to modern rug production, our selection and quality are unmatched. Our artisans are assured a fair wage for their labor, allowing them the peace of mind to focus on creativity, rather than speed, and quality, rather than expense.

The fibers used in our rugs are wool, cotton and silk. We have three different dyeing techniques, including hand gathered natural dyes, synthetic dyes and commercially produced natural dyes. All of our rugs are made with consistently high quality materials and dyeing techniques.

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